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March of the Peeps

Over the last week I’ve noticed a drastic decline in the number of marshmallow animals. They were introduced into the preserve about a month ago, but don’t seem to take well to this environment. I think exposure to a more arid environment has made them less mobile and susceptible to predators. They just seem to […]

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Alb3rt in Exile

For a few days now we have been recovering from a natural disaster. Ken calls this phenomenon “painting” and has caused displacement of many species, including myself. This is the first chance I have had to report it as Ken has been very busy with the computer. Here I am at Basecamp Beta, seen comforting […]

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I’ve been nudged.

In a virtual sort of way. One of my friends/fans reminded me I haven’t updated in a while. That’s because I’ve been undercover. I needed to get close to the wildlife without frightening them or even interfering in their natural behaviour in my presence. After some thought I borrowed a luau prop from Ken and […]

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We watched some interesting documentaries so far this year. The first was about penguins and I will review it another day. But last night we saw a film about the rare and elusive heffalump. Native to Heffalump Hollow, they each have their own distinct call when they are old enough and tend to get lost […]

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Extreme Indoor Weather

I’ve experienced this a few times now and thought I should probably write about it. There is a sudden vortex called a “vacuum” that persists for a few minutes throughout the living room and hallway and then is gone. The animals go wild but I am not sure if they sense it coming beforehand. They […]

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Chinese Genetic Experiment

I found out some disturbing news today. I asked Ken if the older midget wolf’s unusual physiognomy was due to random mutation or environmental adaptation. He gave me a full explanation which I will now attempt to summarize. The older midget wolf was genetically bred by the Chinese for some kind of “Sheet Zoo” where […]

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New Tagging Program

It seems the warden has instituted a new tagging program. I know I am just a koala bear, but I don’t think it is effective to drape all the cats in the same checkerboard pumpkin bandadas and all the midget wolves with Snoopy bandanas. I cannot distinguish any demarkation between individuals of the same species.

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The Western Wild Wild West that is West of Here

I used to think the preserve was in the West since we live in a place called West Seneca, named after a native tribe that claim to be the “Keepers of the Western Door”. I am curious about this door and why it must be kept. I will save that speculation or discovery for another […]

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My First Request

Someone requested pictures of the midget wolves. At first I almost got stuck climbing into the freezer looking for a “sausage dog” before Ken explained to me that midget wolves are also called dogs. How strange. Maybe he is raising them for food as with the cats. I’m still taking some pictures with Ken, but […]

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Special Report: Smallcat Catastrophe

It’s desperate times at the indoor preserve. A sudden heat wave has resulted in Ken wearing an abnormally sparse amount of clothing, but far worse, it has taken its toll on a number of the cats. Their bodies are strewn about so that wherever you go, there lies a lifeless heap of fur. The herd […]

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