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What I’ve been up to.

I have been really busy lately during the one hour a day I am not asleep writing draft articles for National Domestigraphic. Other than that, I’ve been expanding my poking the animals for responses, but have only the following worthy to report. I was hesitant at first, but mustered the courage to poke the midget […]

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Field Report

One of the smallcats got in the room a moment ago and sems to be hunting me. Where is he? If thisrlniw;et qn83482114 38p534t34lds;acw/,pca/04awt; tw Nevermind. He just leapt off the keyboard and is returning to the carpeted plains of his comrades.

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Poking Around, Zoologically Speaking

I know you all have been wondering where I’ve been the last week or so. As evident from this photo taken of Fenway and myself, I’ve been on the couch. But this is not being idle mind you. Alright, in this instance, we were relaxing after a particularly long baseball game. (They all seem particularly […]

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Robot Mouse Awareness & Appreciation. With lasers.

It seems that life can thrive under almost any conditions. Even being attached to a computer. Today I discovered that the mechanism I use to guide the arrow on the screen is a mouse. A robot mouse. With lasers. I know it sounds dangerous, but they are actually quite friendly. And cooperative. Just do not […]

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First, or actually second trace of aquatic life

As alarming as it sounds, I live beneath a shark. Referred to in French as “requiem,” a word derived from the Latin, associated with death, sharks can actually be quite pleasant, except when cajoled by Ken into attacking the unsuspecting yet then irritated midget wolf. Not a pleasant sight. Anyway, he doesn’t have a name, […]

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When is Alb3rt’s computer time?

I think I need a computer of my own. Ken has been doing work all the time, liberally interspersed with playing something called “Hobowars” – he says he’s the leader of a gang, whatever that means – and other equally unproductive activities, usually accompanied with bouts of elation and less than pristine language. I usually […]

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A New Chapter

The last day of the human’s sabbatical was uneventful, and I resigned myself to a day of rest. However that did not prepare me for what was to occur when they returned. Today (or yesterday rather, as Ken would not surrender the computer to me until after midnight, being engaged in some riotous war simulation) […]

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Fruit and more fruit. And then some more fruit.

I had a busy day yesterday, and fell asleep at the keyboard late at night. For over two days, just as I would finish scaning samples of one group of flora, another would catch my eye. It started the other day with the discovery of what I call “ledgefruit.” High up on a ledge separating […]

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Unexpected Inactivity

I was going to write about some exciting botanical findings, but the sudden disappearance of the humans seems to have caused an unexpected dormancy in one of the more unique species in the preserve. In fact, they stopped moving long enough for me to do a capture, scan, and release on one of them. I […]

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The Humans are Away, The Koala Will Play.

Now that everyone is gone, I can get really down to work. As per my last entry, Ken and his wife are out of town and I am in charge. I decided since I do not have a camera, I would learn how to use the next best thing. Behold the scanner of doom. I […]

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