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A Childhood Reunion

I got to make acquaintance with a bunch of Ken’s childhood friends today. Apparently they’ve been living in Attica for some time, in hibernation or some kind of animated suspension. Some of them are friends of his family, others from Florida. They are now staying in a condo in his newly renovated bedroom. I guess […]

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It’s very white outside.

Not quite another ice age, but a start. Maybe I will take up hibernating.

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Why am I kicking something I might want?

Ken salvaged an abandoned jeep the other day in the hopes I could use it.  Fenway and I gave it a thourough once-over but in the end it was too big for me to drive so we handed it down to Ken’s niece. I know looking under the hood is an expectation of males, even […]

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Farewell Old Fellow

We had a good time of it, old friend.  You were always there for me and soothed my transition when we moved to the new preserve.  May you always have a living room surrounding you. Actually I heard the next door neighbors immediately took you into their family upon seeing you perched upon our curb.  […]

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I’ve been informed I’m “not a Jedi … yet.” Not sure what that means.

For Christmas, I got a new outfit from Build-A-Bear. It’s some kind of desert garb that comes with some sort of pointy, shiny, ice cream cone of death. Maybe it’s supposed to be Santa’s bodyguard or something. It came in a Farmville special deliver box.  Nice touch, Ken, nice touch. Ken has a similar outfit, sans […]

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Ready to Command

With dual remote capability, I commandeered the control center for the television for a short while.  It’s good to be Alb3rt.

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Farmville is Love? Or is it Science?

First, I’d like to thank all my neighbors out there. Thanks. With Ken’s organizational skills rivaling the Roman empire at its height, my farm has lots of animals, buildings, and even a winery. I made a lot of new friends through the game warden’s face bookings, but I’m still not sure how one’s farm can expand […]

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Autumn: The Season Where Koalas Turn to Thoughts of … Aliens

It’s that time of year again where the planets align such that alien fruits migrate to our silvery orb. I seemed to have slept through much of last year’s visitations, but orange scouts have already arrived in various sizes at our doorstep.  What is worse is that Ken and the game warden seem to be […]

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My Face Is Now Booked

Ken and his wife, the Warden, have been suggesting for some time I book my face online.  So here it is. Albert Koala I’m not sure what it’s all about but it’s kinda like if my LiveJournal and this blog had children. Not sure why I need all this sociable medium stuff but it gives me […]

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Alien Fruit Demise

Sorry it’s been so long checking in, but it has been a long, confusing time. It seems like ages since the alien fruits first appeared. We do not know if they came in peace. We do not know if they came due to the game warden’s apparently interstellar reputation for collecting fruit. All we know […]

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