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We watched some interesting documentaries so far this year. The first was about penguins and I will review it another day. But last night we saw a film about the rare and elusive heffalump. Native to Heffalump Hollow, they each have their own distinct call when they are old enough and tend to get lost […]

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The Black Bear in the Family

Snugggs is always on the couch with us, but doesn’t say much. That is all.

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Christmas for Alb3rt

Ken said that he wanted to get me something for Christmas, but his wife the warden told him not to because someone else may have gotten me something already, and it was likely to be the same thing. Something he wasn’t going to tell me what it was. So Christmas came and went. Then today […]

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Happy New Year Australia!

We still have a few hours to go over here.  And it’s really strange to be snowing this time of year.  It just doesn’t seem natural.  Welcome to the Northern Hemisphere.

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1 Soft Toy Koala. 500g. From Australia.

A small package arrived for the game warden.  Apparently another koala was sent to work here at the preserve.  Am I not doing my job?  Am I supposed to train him as a replacement?  Ken doesn’t think it is anything to worry about and suggested maybe he can be my assistant.  He is lucky this koala […]

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Merry Christmas

Boxing Day actually. I spent Christmas Eve and Day comforting Fenway. Apparently, someone named “Damon” defected to a tribe known as the Damn Yankees. From what I gather they are native to New York, and we live in the outback of the western region of New York, but apparently this is still a bad thing. […]

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Wedding Recap

I apparently slept through the last week more or less, and the last thing I remember was the wedding. And I leaned an important lesson at the wedding. Chicks dig Koalas. Especially Koalas in a Tux. I sat at the head table, as Ken was the best man. I stood up as well. I think. […]

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Invited to a Wedding? Me?

I have just been informed that I am invited to the wedding of and .  Which is tomorrow. Ken ) realized I had nothing to wear, and ran to the Build-a-Bear store late last night to buy me a tuxedo.  He even bought me shoes.  That is something I never wear, but for the formality […]

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Bears are like Jello

Another addition to the family. His name is Snugggs. Yes it is spelled that way.

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Out and About

Today, Ken, the warden his wife, Fenway and I went to see a movie at the Walden Galleria Outpost. We saw Wallace and Grommit, and there was even a documentary on the holiday habits of penguins or something. Ken insists on taking pictures of me when we go places. If he remembers his camera. I […]

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