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Hurricane Katrina

I think it already hit us Thursday and Friday. We must be near the coastline. All the contents of the kitchen shifted into the living room earlier, and now the doors on the cupboards are gone, as are all shelves, curtains and the like. The cats have been relocated to the bathroom and/or bedroom while […]

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THe World is Bigger Than I Thought

There will be a bunch of pictures when I get back, but let’s just say I am having a lot of fun and rest. Often at the same time. And I miss the animals and flora of the preserve, but Koala cannot live on fruits alone. Ken et alia are out for the day again, […]

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The Western Wild Wild West that is West of Here

I used to think the preserve was in the West since we live in a place called West Seneca, named after a native tribe that claim to be the “Keepers of the Western Door”. I am curious about this door and why it must be kept. I will save that speculation or discovery for another […]

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Have it your way. Presenting Nigel the Sponge. Enjoy.

Okay. Certain people are bugging me about Nigel. I didn’t write about him because it is personal not professional. You see, Nigel is my sponge. If Ken can have a stuffed Koala, then said Koala should be able to have a sponge. Is that okay with you? Now that we have that settled, I will […]

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This is not really a feild note, but I must get it off my white-furred chest. Ken took Nigel, soaked him, and rubbed him all over his face for a full two minutes. I can assume Nigel liked being wet and all, but I was still a bit uneasy by this. That is all.

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Tribal Paternal Holiday

This region of the outback has a yearly Tribal Paternal Holiday this time of year, and so the warden and Ken went to the clan’s abode of parents. I asked to come along as a sign of interest, but in fact was hoping to document other habitats for comparison. But I had a good time. […]

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A New Brother

Fenway and I went to the Build-A-Bear at the Walden Galleria Outpost yesterday. Ken and his wife the game warden made “Bunsen” as a gift. We spent some time together chatting about this and that, but he seemed pensive, being new and all. Confused maybe, because we made him and he had to be shipped […]

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When is Alb3rt’s computer time?

I think I need a computer of my own. Ken has been doing work all the time, liberally interspersed with playing something called “Hobowars” – he says he’s the leader of a gang, whatever that means – and other equally unproductive activities, usually accompanied with bouts of elation and less than pristine language. I usually […]

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It’s my birthday, sort of.

It was Ken’s birthday Saturday, and his aunt bought him some stuff for me (?). I’ll play show and tell with it all later, but have to tell you about the camera. It’s a stuffed camera. I explained to Ken that stuffed cameras only take pictures stuffed animals and some children can see, and perhaps […]

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A New Chapter

The last day of the human’s sabbatical was uneventful, and I resigned myself to a day of rest. However that did not prepare me for what was to occur when they returned. Today (or yesterday rather, as Ken would not surrender the computer to me until after midnight, being engaged in some riotous war simulation) […]

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