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Astronomy Camp for Stuffed Bears. Not What You Would Think.

My friend Nanette and I were asked to attend some sort of astronomy conference in a place called Oriskany. We were told it was formal attire, so I wore my tux. However, most people were dressed casual with a few grey suits thrown in, and there were an unusual number of stuffed bears. Apparently WE […]

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A Quick Visit

I took a quick visit to my Farmville Farms and see they are trying to appeal to me personal demographic with an Australian farm with a koala spokesman. Spokeskoala. Whatever. There seem to be a lot of changes, and between managing and quests I may need a pool of full-time interns to take care of […]

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Only Eight Left?

There are apparently only EIGHT (8) Northern White Rhinos left, four of which are protected by these brave young men at the Ol Pejeta Conservancy in Kenya. I know what you’re thinking. He doesn’t look white. Maybe he’s tan. Maybe he’s adopted, I don’t know. But the point is they’re almost down to where they don’t have to fight […]

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Outdoor range of the Smallcat

Interesting research, but more difficult to replicate indoors. Without tags transmitter. By a koala hesitant to catch predators.

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Now THAT’s a Reptile

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Cat Treats? Cats that ARE Treats?

Apparently it’s not just a local phenomenon.:

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Aquatic Additions

We introduced a new species of “Fair Fish” into the main observation tank in the library.  I helped.  But I didn’t get the equipment I requisited.  Here is a pic of how I looked, next to one of how I should have looked.

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