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The journey begins, and yet I’m already there.

Written By: alb3rt - Apr• 18•05

Welcome to my LiveJournal.


I was created at the Build-a-Bear in a busy outpost called “The Galleria Mall” in the Cheektowaga region of the Buffalo Outback. That was a couple weeks ago, and was brought home to to what appears to be an indoor nature preserve. Flora, and in particular fauna, abound and seem to live in relative harmony. I got tired of sitting on the couch (as much as I like couches) and there’s lots of reading materials worthy of a Rockefeller library here, but I soon decided to take more active pursuits by studying this facinating micro-ecosystem.

This is where I’ll be recording my field research notes.

I discovered that my owner, the husband of the game warden, uses the Internet quite a lot, and so I asked him to hook me up with an email account and this journal. He says a few of the cats regularly use his wife’s laptop, and I could use this one.

I’m a koala bear, but I figure, hey, if the cats can use a computer, so can I.

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  1. peacevine says:

    you’re my hero.
    a warning about that husband fellow, he can be quite crafty and may send those cats after you when you’re deep in thought.
    *don’t trust him*

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