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Exploring The Great Indoors

Day 2 – Distribution of Species

Written By: alb3rt - Apr• 19•05

In the wee hours ...

There is a reasonable diversity of species here at the indoor preserve, but the largest animal population by far are small cats. They are varied in size and coloration, but are all smaller than the big cats one would see on other continents.

There is even a variant of extremely small cat repeatedly misidentified by Ken as rats. I’m not sure how such a mistake could be made, but he insists even now he is right, refering to one that just jumped on his desk as a rat. This same one was heard being described as a Joey by the game warden (Ken’s wife) to contradict this statement, but I have not witnessed first-hand the marsupial tendecies she was speaking of when I inquired further.

Last evening, I decided to do a count of the small cats, which was interrupted by a frenzy of activity when Ken went about some business in the kitchen. This made the count difficult, and I fear a bit inaccurate from counting a few more than once, but my estimation is that there is a total of about 386 small cats of varying degrees of size, color, and blurriness among the rooms of the preserve.

Other than this, there is at least one rodent and one midget wolf. The latter I originally mistook as a fellow stuffed animal, but in spite of a regal attitude lacked any other accompanying stature of dignity, especially in the area of nasal hygiene etiquette. I need a camera … and a bath.

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  1. krissy_jhnsn says:

    May I call you teddy? I say it’s a pleasure to have you a part of the LJ community. I’m sure my daugher would love to meet you some day, though she does have quite the grip. I’m also certain she would take care of your cat problem by chasing them, being that she has a unusual fondness for them.
    It would be a privelage to have you on my friends list.

    • Alb3rt says:

      Re: LOL
      Yes, please do.
      I am a teddy bear of sorts, after all.
      But do be careful of letting small children around cats. I’ve heard they sometimes do unmentionable things to stuffed animals.

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