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Special Report: Smallcat Catastrophe

Written By: alb3rt - Jun• 09•05

It’s desperate times at the indoor preserve. A sudden heat wave has resulted in Ken wearing an abnormally sparse amount of clothing, but far worse, it has taken its toll on a number of the cats. Their bodies are strewn about so that wherever you go, there lies a lifeless heap of fur. The herd may have dwindled to a mere few dozen survivors.

Oh, the Felinity!


Ken responded with a quick installation of a second air conditioner. In inclement weather nonetheless. Handling an electrical appliance in a thunderstorm. Of course, it was in his office where most of the animals are not allowed, but it’s the thought that counts.

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  1. Alb3rt says:

    What happened?
    Ken says the entry before this one (June 2nd) doesn’t show on his friends page.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Where’s the other dog????????
    Cats look tired but I think they are looking for a lot of attention. Must be that dog you don’t take pictures of anymore…you know the one….that cute little rascal that wants all the attention. We need pictures of her or she will be kidnapped by two outsiders during the night.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Two men will be over in the night looking for a sausage dog. Hide her if you want her or else she will be taken for ransom. That other little dog looks mighty cute too. I hope she’s friendly and likes doggy treats. We like dogs and if we can’t have them, doggy pictures are the next best thing. By the way, that old lady you know from Boston is moving tomorrow. No pets allowed….darn…I heard she loves doggies. Send pictures of Sausage dog……
    PS…You’re owner,s haircut looks real spify…looks real darn handsome…tell him to keep it that way…He’s a good man so take care of him ….and that other dog that has no recent pictures

  4. Alb3rt says:

    Alright already.
    I can see that my audience is very demanding. I shall comply. I will hunt Ken down for some photos and take a few myself. Please bear with me. No pun intended.

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