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My First Request

Written By: alb3rt - Jun• 15•05

Someone requested pictures of the midget wolves. At first I almost got stuck climbing into the freezer looking for a “sausage dog” before Ken explained to me that midget wolves are also called dogs. How strange. Maybe he is raising them for food as with the cats.

I’m still taking some pictures with Ken, but in the meantime, check out his photo album from when he took the two wolves to an outdoor region known as “South Park”. The almbun can be found HERE.

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One Comment

  1. Anonymous says:

    Such great photography…..
    I love the pictures so very much. Pasha looks so happy with her Lady friend. And the park….what a beautiful place. Tell Ken he should submit the pics to Parade amagazine when they have another picture contest. Tell Ken he looks really distinguished with the haircut. Really handsome… and you Albert….you are a dear ittle one…so cute and cudly I want to kiss that little face….Come see Auntie (whoops) some time and she will give you a great big kiss…..all little guys like big kisses from big aunties…

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