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The Western Wild Wild West that is West of Here

Written By: alb3rt - Aug• 08•05

I used to think the preserve was in the West since we live in a place called West Seneca, named after a native tribe that claim to be the “Keepers of the Western Door”. I am curious about this door and why it must be kept. I will save that speculation or discovery for another time.

I’ve been trying to get on here all day because Ken has been “tying up loose ends” for hours on the computer, whatever that means. In the morning Ken and I are going out West to visit my kin Bunsen. We will also be seeing Ken’s family who takes care of him. It will be my first plane ride. I promise to take pictures.

Ken also will not let me wear my hat at the airport. I told him the human rules of etiquette do not apply to Koalas, and it seems from my research and observations that it does not apply much to humans either.

This trip will not be a research project. It is my vacation. Yes, I only work part of the hour I am awake on average each day, but that’s still a lot of my time, and I’d like to write about something new and less interesting for a change.

But before I go into vacation mode, I must note it seems there was a recent switch of midget wolves. I have not seen the “Pasha” but instead a much smaller one that acts just like her. here is a picture, with more to follow.

Unknown Midget Wolf

And please leave feedback on my journal. It is hard to write if I don’t think anyone is reading it. Bon voyage a moi!

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One Comment

  1. krissy_jhnsn says:

    Dear sir:
    I would like to wish you happy and safe travel on your upcoming trip to the west.
    I hear the climate is rather hot this time of year so I migt suggest the following precautions of wearing your hat at all times as well as sunblock for your fair complextion.
    Do not be distressed in any way about not being able to wear your hat at the airport facility. I am sure that no one will be offended, because you are right in saying that we humans do not concern ourselves with etiquette. Only, some of us and they are in the business of public relations. The proper word is “shmoozing” I believe.
    So Bon voyage my friend and do say hello to the game warden for me.
    Best reagards,
    Kristie Johnson
    ps. cutie dog!!!

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