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I’ve been nudged.

Written By: alb3rt - Mar• 21•06

In a virtual sort of way. One of my friends/fans reminded me I haven’t updated in a while.

That’s because I’ve been undercover.

I needed to get close to the wildlife without frightening them or even interfering in their natural behaviour in my presence. After some thought I borrowed a luau prop from Ken and used it as camouflage. It was perfect. It was portable and green, a standard color for such things.

Testing the Tree

I tested it out and everything seemed fine. Then I approached a pride of smallcats playing under a chair and stood really, really still.

Standing Really Really Still

They didn’t notice me, but did try to eat the tree. Repeatedly. I tried to tell them all that glitters is not edible but they didn’t pay any attention because I was also busy being really, really still. O, the conflict of science and ethics.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I would gently nudge your camoflage out of the way…it is almost time for the damnyankees vs RedSox exhibition game. We don’t want the view blocked, do we?
    PS–do you remember where I put my uniform during the off season?

    • Alb3rt says:

      Re: nudging
      I’ll store the tree inside the tent if you want. I think the warden knows where your uniform is. Are you two playing this time or still couch-warming?

      • Anonymous says:

        Re: nudging
        The warden? You mean the Coach? I had no idea you meant the same person…all this time I kept looking for a second wife…
        We always play…but the Coach needs a new glove (nudge nudge wink wink)

        • Alb3rt says:

          Re: nudging
          Look. If I’m on Ken’s computer and you are on his wife’s wouldn’t it be easier to talk about all this in person? We are typing to eachother in the next room. It’s like we’re married or something.

  2. krissy_jhnsn says:

    Woah, I had no idea you were under such heavy research. I would not have dreamt in interupting that, but since I have your attention.. um..hmm.. keep up the good work. I think you have become a very important asset of the kitty community. Yes…

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