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My Face Is Now Booked

Ken and his wife, the Warden, have been suggesting for some time I book my face online.  So here it is.

Albert Koala

I’m not sure what it’s all about but it’s kinda like if my LiveJournal and this blog had children. Not sure why I need all this sociable medium stuff but it gives me something to do away from the smallcats. After Ken set it up I found other people’s faces I recognized and became friends with them.  But they were already friends.  Now our faces are friends and it’s like they are all at a face party. All the time. Even when we’re not there. Creepy at first.

I heard a lot  from the Warden about a place for faces you can go to called Farmville.  I signed up and they gave me some land to tell my face to take care of.  It appears to be like the Peace Corp, but for your face. But the job training is free and will prove quite useful if I ever allowed to bring dirt in the house.