National Domestigraphic

Exploring The Great Indoors

New Archaeological Find!

A sudden climate shift outside the indoor preserve yielded a discovery more significant than any of our yearly couch excavations.  The game warden ventured out a few days ago, digging a few feet into the permafrost to reveal what appears to be the corner of a domocile the size of a small sport utility vehicle.  Oddly enough, the dwelling also seems to have been designed to be suspended above the ground by rubber tires.

The big discovery at the dig site.

It seems in times past things were not much different than today, with sidewalks, lawns, and  the occassional, assorted animal feces.  The apparent random discarding of frozen wrappers  and other packaging seems to indicate the fate of previous civilization was some sudden cataclysm.  But one thing is certain: they must be our progenitors, as the many of the name brands of the ancient ones persist to this day.

We can only wonder if some future man, and koala, will shovel upon our own leavings and ponder what we left behind. I’m thinking bigger living quarters with less tires and feces.