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Don’t be a hater.

Written By: alb3rt - Oct• 06•11

Koalas have a bad rap. The warden of the preserve here says “real” koalas are miserable and would make lousy pets. Well I’d rather not be a pet anyway.

But then this piece of journalism comes out, from a Dr. Michael Fox:

Does this mean ALL koalas are likely slahser sociopaths? If that were true, then you wouldn’t have images like this, taken from a news article about a survivor of an Australian wildfire.  Her name is Sam and please notice she is NOT shredding Dave, the firefighter. The video is available here.

Now THAT’s more like it. Balanced Koala coverage.

Now THAT’s a Reptile

Written By: alb3rt - Sep• 10•11

Cat Treats? Cats that ARE Treats?

Written By: alb3rt - Aug• 21•11

Apparently it’s not just a local phenomenon.:

Why am I kicking something I might want?

Written By: alb3rt - Jul• 26•11

Ken salvaged an abandoned jeep the other day in the hopes I could use it.  Fenway and I gave it a thourough once-over but in the end it was too big for me to drive so we handed it down to Ken’s niece.

I know looking under the hood is an expectation of males, even if they don’t know what they are looking at. But why the ritual of kicking tires? To see if they kick back? Explode? What exactly are we testing here? And if they needed air, would that mean someone wouldn’t want to buy the car?

Sometimes human nature escapes this koala.

One Year on the Server Farm

Written By: alb3rt - Jul• 07•11

A koala can achieve quite a bit on one year with the help of someone who is online most of the day.

  • 5-Star Winery with Level 120 Red Wine
  • 5-Star Pub
  • 128 Neighbors
  • 157.6 Million Coins Earned
  • 326,615 Crops Harvested
  • 193 Different Species
  • Level 13 Sheep Breeding; Level 16 Pig Breeding
  • Fully expanded farms



The Meat Cat

Written By: alb3rt - Jun• 08•11

I got up close and personal with one of the smallcats. This one has a Polish name, Kishka, which apparently references some kind of meat that has a predeliction for being stolen.

It’s a newer addition to the pride, and quite insane.  It is becoming a preserve legend that he has the ability to teleport after something falls over or crashes. I wasn’t sure if I should interview it or just let it sit on my lap and be very still. I opted for the latter, as Ken indicated his only linguistic expression was “derp”.


Farm Party

Written By: alb3rt - May• 11•11

A shoutout to all my Farville homiez. Foshizzle, et cetera.

Rodent Religions

Written By: alb3rt - Apr• 10•11

I’m not sure of the full metaphysical impact of squirrels on the fabric of time and space, but it appears to be more significant that first thought:

Smallcat Kinesiology

Written By: alb3rt - Mar• 27•11

I found a fascinating documentary film on smallcat movement.  I’m just not sure how they got the subject to move so slow.  They’re usually a LOT faster around here.

A Virtual Assistant

Written By: alb3rt - Feb• 27•11

I forgot to mention this a while back,  but I now have an apprentice of sorts on my server farm. He’s a knome from Haiti. The guy with the glasses, not the plant monster thing. Knome, you say? Yes, I’ve made his aquaintence for some time now, thank you very much. Ahem. It’s good to have someone on the farm while I’m away from the computer. Everything seems to be geting done on schedule, and I’ve moved up splendidly in agrarian rank.

I also discovered that aliencs exist in cyberspace as well. Shining orbs float occassionally over my server farm and I managed to catch a photo of them. Maybe I planted too many alien fruits.  (The game calls them pumpkins.)