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Hurricane Katrina

Written By: alb3rt - Aug• 28•05

I think it already hit us Thursday and Friday. We must be near the coastline. All the contents of the kitchen shifted into the living room earlier, and now the doors on the cupboards are gone, as are all shelves, curtains and the like.

The cats have been relocated to the bathroom and/or bedroom while Ken already started with repair work. The first order of affairs seems to be painting everything remaining in the kitchen white, then yellow. Maybe this is a signal for help.

I will keep you posted. If things get worse, I will set up a relief fund. I wonder if they let Koalas use PayPal.

P.S. Why did they name the hurricane after the small rodent at our preserve? If they knew it would hit here, they should have given us more warning. Apparently, the field of meteorology has a long way to go.

The Couch Never Sleeps. (Cartoon)

Written By: alb3rt - Aug• 22•05

Another Little Couch Buddies Couch Cartoon

THe World is Bigger Than I Thought

Written By: alb3rt - Aug• 12•05

There will be a bunch of pictures when I get back, but let’s just say I am having a lot of fun and rest. Often at the same time. And I miss the animals and flora of the preserve, but Koala cannot live on fruits alone.

Ken et alia are out for the day again, and I was invited. I declines, as I was tired out from the trip to a really big place called “Zion” yesterday. Today they are going to another placed called “Zion” and then somewhere farther north called something other than “Zion.” I can’t keep track of it all.

The trip down was nice, except Ken’s daughter keeps threatening to do me harm or carry out a plot to get rid of me altogether. This makes Ken upset a bit and I know fortunately nothing will come of it. I don’t understand why stuffed Koalas are so embarassing to teenagers. We both tend to be awkward dress differeny and get funny looks from people from time to time, so you’d think we have a lot in common.

I didn’t get to spend time with my Koala brother Bunsen yet, but I found out that Ken’s father owns a pith helmet and today he went out in a vest just like mine. Maybe we are all related after all.

The Western Wild Wild West that is West of Here

Written By: alb3rt - Aug• 08•05

I used to think the preserve was in the West since we live in a place called West Seneca, named after a native tribe that claim to be the “Keepers of the Western Door”. I am curious about this door and why it must be kept. I will save that speculation or discovery for another time.

I’ve been trying to get on here all day because Ken has been “tying up loose ends” for hours on the computer, whatever that means. In the morning Ken and I are going out West to visit my kin Bunsen. We will also be seeing Ken’s family who takes care of him. It will be my first plane ride. I promise to take pictures.

Ken also will not let me wear my hat at the airport. I told him the human rules of etiquette do not apply to Koalas, and it seems from my research and observations that it does not apply much to humans either.

This trip will not be a research project. It is my vacation. Yes, I only work part of the hour I am awake on average each day, but that’s still a lot of my time, and I’d like to write about something new and less interesting for a change.

But before I go into vacation mode, I must note it seems there was a recent switch of midget wolves. I have not seen the “Pasha” but instead a much smaller one that acts just like her. here is a picture, with more to follow.

Unknown Midget Wolf

And please leave feedback on my journal. It is hard to write if I don’t think anyone is reading it. Bon voyage a moi!

And so the cartoon continues …

Written By: alb3rt - Aug• 02•05


Nothing going on. Enjoy the cartoon.

Written By: alb3rt - Jul• 25•05


Not much going on. Just a cartoon.

Written By: alb3rt - Jul• 18•05


The cartoon continues.

Written By: alb3rt - Jul• 11•05

Little Couch Buddies Couch Cartoon

Have it your way. Presenting Nigel the Sponge. Enjoy.

Written By: alb3rt - Jul• 04•05

Okay. Certain people are bugging me about Nigel. I didn’t write about him because it is personal not professional. You see, Nigel is my sponge. If Ken can have a stuffed Koala, then said Koala should be able to have a sponge. Is that okay with you?

Now that we have that settled, I will not post a bunch of pictures of him because Nigel is a minor. I will post this one picture the paparazzi took when I wasn’t looking and be done with it.

Nigel backpacking with me.

Yes, I take him everywhere. I love my sponge. He was apparently not part of any of the sponge colonies at the watering hole, so I adopted him. Her. It. Nigel.

But I’m not the only one. Ken and the warden took Fenway to a baseball game the other night, and he brought back a peanut. I thought that was weird and he started in about Nigel, so we just dropped the subject. But the peanut, named “Manny” by him, seems to get along with my sponge.

But I know certain people will not leave me alone, so I decided to substitute the exploitation of minor porifera (and a legume) with creativity. I don’t really know what they say to each other anyway, so I present you with this cartoon. I was going to post it tomorrow but someone will not stop bothering me to write about Nigel. Here it is. The blue thing is the couch, the orange-yellow thing is Nigel and the peanut-shaped thing is a peanut. Yes, they really look that way.

And remember that adopting a sponge is perfectly normal for a stuffed Koala. Prove me wrong.



Written By: alb3rt - Jun• 24•05

This is not really a feild note, but I must get it off my white-furred chest. Ken took Nigel, soaked him, and rubbed him all over his face for a full two minutes. I can assume Nigel liked being wet and all, but I was still a bit uneasy by this. That is all.