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Nice Mag

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Cold Camels

Why is a bactrian camel available as a “Winter Fantasy” item in FarmVille? Then again, it is fantasy I suppose.

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Brand Recognition

Apparently Koalas are a recognized symbol of tasty nutrition. Wait … what?

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One Year on the Server Farm

A koala can achieve quite a bit on one year with the help of someone who is online most of the day. 5-Star Winery with Level 120 Red Wine 5-Star Pub 128 Neighbors 157.6 Million Coins Earned 326,615 Crops Harvested 193 Different Species Level 13 Sheep Breeding; Level 16 Pig Breeding Fully expanded farms   […]

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Farm Party

A shoutout to all my Farville homiez. Foshizzle, et cetera.

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A Virtual Assistant

I forgot to mention this a while back,  but I now have an apprentice of sorts on my server farm. He’s a knome from Haiti. The guy with the glasses, not the plant monster thing. Knome, you say? Yes, I’ve made his aquaintence for some time now, thank you very much. Ahem. It’s good to have […]

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I Am a Level 12 Wizard. Or Something.

Farmville is very complicated.  I’ve fought off weeds and raccoons. I dig up and reap lots of tiny squares day after day like some macabre French Intensive vegetarian grim reaper. And Ken wont let me play with the music on. I don’t know why everyone in this game grows all this food. Are there starving villages in Africa […]

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My Face Is Now Booked

Ken and his wife, the Warden, have been suggesting for some time I book my face online.  So here it is. Albert Koala I’m not sure what it’s all about but it’s kinda like if my LiveJournal and this blog had children. Not sure why I need all this sociable medium stuff but it gives me […]

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Get Your Alb3rt Gear Here

I have just been informed my online store is now live. Love me. Wear me. Buy my stuff. I’m saving for a Jeep. Click here.

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