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The Meat Cat

I got up close and personal with one of the smallcats. This one has a Polish name, Kishka, which apparently references some kind of meat that has a predeliction for being stolen. It’s a newer addition to the pride, and quite insane.  It is becoming a preserve legend that he has the ability to teleport after something […]

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Poking Around, Zoologically Speaking

I know you all have been wondering where I’ve been the last week or so. As evident from this photo taken of Fenway and myself, I’ve been on the couch. But this is not being idle mind you. Alright, in this instance, we were relaxing after a particularly long baseball game. (They all seem particularly […]

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First, or actually second trace of aquatic life

As alarming as it sounds, I live beneath a shark. Referred to in French as “requiem,” a word derived from the Latin, associated with death, sharks can actually be quite pleasant, except when cajoled by Ken into attacking the unsuspecting yet then irritated midget wolf. Not a pleasant sight. Anyway, he doesn’t have a name, […]

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