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Don’t be a hater.

Koalas have a bad rap. The warden of the preserve here says “real” koalas are miserable and would make lousy pets. Well I’d rather not be a pet anyway. But then this piece of journalism comes out, from a Dr. Michael Fox: Does this mean ALL koalas are likely slahser sociopaths? If that were true, […]

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Farmville is Love? Or is it Science?

First, I’d like to thank all my neighbors out there. Thanks. With Ken’s organizational skills rivaling the Roman empire at its height, my farm has lots of animals, buildings, and even a winery. I made a lot of new friends through the game warden’s face bookings, but I’m still not sure how one’s farm can expand […]

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Indoor Energy Dependency

We had no electricity for almost two days.  After the radio stations came back online, they called it the “October Surprise.”  That was late last month, but now that I’m not worried it will go out at any moment, I’m writing about it here. Things get weird when there’s no power. Here are excerpts from my […]

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Chinese Genetic Experiment

I found out some disturbing news today. I asked Ken if the older midget wolf’s unusual physiognomy was due to random mutation or environmental adaptation. He gave me a full explanation which I will now attempt to summarize. The older midget wolf was genetically bred by the Chinese for some kind of “Sheet Zoo” where […]

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Robot Mouse Awareness & Appreciation. With lasers.

It seems that life can thrive under almost any conditions. Even being attached to a computer. Today I discovered that the mechanism I use to guide the arrow on the screen is a mouse. A robot mouse. With lasers. I know it sounds dangerous, but they are actually quite friendly. And cooperative. Just do not […]

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