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About Alb3rt

Alb3rt is a stuffed Koala bear.  He doesn’t even try to hide it, and in fact is quite proud of it.  From his first days after being brought home, he found his identity as an explorer in a strange world.  The apartment, and now the house, are seen as a wildlife preserve of sorts, since there are a lot of pets , plants, and artifical fruits.  It became his duty to study the world around him with scientific, yet child-like fascination, much like his hero, Steve Irwin.

About National Domestigraphic

This site is in no way related to National Geographic.  We just wish it was.  And there is no formal relationship with Build-A-Bear, even thought that’s where Alb3rt came from.  Originally, National Domestigraphic was an unlaunched magazine concept, an extension of Alb3rt’s field notes published on LiveJournal.  But ND and Alb3rt really are inseparable — it really is Alb3rt’s idea of “employment” and how he fits into the world.

A Note From Ken

When Alb3rt came to life on my birthday a few years ago, he really took on a life of his own.  Like any close friendship, we complete each other while sharing many common interests.  I am envious of his ability to size up a situation without the usual human prejudices and assumptions, and reading his early entries inspired me, to inspire him anew, to get back in the game of sharing his almost surreal, yet child-like insight with the world.

Just as my wife — the “game warden” of the “indoor preserve” — and others look forward to each new entry or cartoon, I find myself rereading them from time to time with newfound humor and delight.  You may not live with a stuffed Koala yourself, but I hope you enjoy Alb3rt as much as I do.