National Domestigraphic

Exploring The Great Indoors

A New Chapter

The last day of the human’s sabbatical was uneventful, and I resigned myself to a day of rest. However that did not prepare me for what was to occur when they returned. Today (or yesterday rather, as Ken would not surrender the computer to me until after midnight, being engaged in some riotous war simulation) the water foul returned. I got a beter look at it, but having no camera and being apprehensive to try and scan it, I recalled going through Ken’s photo archives on the house’s datawell (shared network file system) and found an image of a similar creature.

Water Fowl image from Ken's records

But the night they returned, Sunday, they brought with them a new, slightly larger midget wolf. At first I thought it was a replacement, but then the warden (Ken’s wife) brought the former midget wolf resident back to it’s home here. It was clearly not an effort at propogation, as they were both female. So to what motive?

A recurring uneasiness encroaches upon my soul when I see the new wolf. Below is a cropped image of the slightly larger midget wolf taken by Ken on his trip where he must have captured it. It looks strangely familiar, a bit like me actually, and I am sincerely hoping there aren’t any misplaced ideas about my participation in the restocking of the preserve.

slightly larger midget wolf

I know it sounds rediculous, as I am a koala bear, stuffed nonetheless, and it is clearly a midget wolf. But they are referring to the creature as a “pasha”, which I do not beleive is in any language a canine reference. As Ken regularly mis-identifies various smallcats as rats, I am hoping a pasha is not some sort of compatible companion attempt for myself.

I will be cautious. Or perhaps it is time to ask some of the others what is really going on in this unorthodox indoor wildlife preserve.