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Astronomy Camp for Stuffed Bears. Not What You Would Think.

My friend Nanette and I were asked to attend some sort of astronomy conference in a place called Oriskany. We were told it was formal attire, so I wore my tux.

However, most people were dressed casual with a few grey suits thrown in, and there were an unusual number of stuffed bears. Apparently WE were the theme of the event. Were we the guests of honor or being played as token bears for the human folk to demonstrate they are being species inclusive? Still not sure.

Then things got pretty weird. Dressed to the nines, we were put in some sort of daycare camp for bears for part of the event. The company was nice but something wasn’t right about the venue. Let’s recap:

Astronomy Conference. Camping. Daytime. In a garage.

It wasn’t unpleasant, and it was good to get out, but I’m not sure they’ve done this before. They seem unclear of the concepts.