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Big Duties for a Small Mammal

Still getting myself settled in with the ebb and flow of the preserve, trying to get “the big picture” before I write too much about details. Then all heck breaks loose and I’m told I’m in charge for a few days while the warden and her husband are out of town.

This will give me some time to think and observe.

In anticipation of leaving, the game warden took what I believe to be a live water foul from the kitchen out of the preserve in a carrying cage of some sort. Being the only avian I have found thus far, I do find it strange that such a bird would be in the kitchen, as I beleive the watering hole is in a much smaller room far from the kitchen. More on this oasis at another time, as it seems to be a major component of the small cats’ habitat.

Also leaving the preserve this evening was the midget wolf to which I had referred earlier.

Ken takes pictures of me (for which i am grateful), but refuses to take pictures for me on the grounds everyone he knows says he had taken too many pictures of the animals for himself over the years. I will have to ask him about these photographic records when he returns. In the meantime, and considering the possibility the wolf may not return, I have rendered a drawing of it from my recollections.

Midget Wolf - my rendering

On the other hand, these couple creatures might have been delegated to another facility for care while away. If they return, I will give a more detailed account later on their appearance and behaviours.