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Exploring The Great Indoors

Christmas for Alb3rt

Ken said that he wanted to get me something for Christmas, but his wife the warden told him not to because someone else may have gotten me something already, and it was likely to be the same thing. Something he wasn’t going to tell me what it was. So Christmas came and went.

Then today I mysteriously received a phone call from a little girl named Virginia. She is the daughter of some friends of Ken and his wife the warden. It was an invitation for me and Fenway to come to a tea party. We of course accepted, polite bears as we are, but did not know what to expect. When we got there we first tested out the sofa and at once felt right at home.

Testing the couch.  Neckware provided by Ken's wife.

We had a lovely tea party, although the natives were clearly varied in their cultures.

Tea Time

I tired to communicate with them as I saw on the telly once, saying phrases such as “oo laka aka bimboom” and “walla walla washington.” They didn’t seem to understand but I could have swore a few of them nodded in approval. I believe Fenway and I am now members of the tribe.

Welcome to the Tribe.

Then there was an exchange of presents. To my delight I received none other than a camping tent! Exactly what I wanted.
Unwrapping the tent. Entering the tent. Being in the tent.

Santa didn’t forget this koala after all.