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Extreme Indoor Weather

I’ve experienced this a few times now and thought I should probably write about it.

There is a sudden vortex called a “vacuum” that persists for a few minutes throughout the living room and hallway and then is gone. The animals go wild but I am not sure if they sense it coming beforehand. They did make themselves scarce right as the howling began. Those who could not escape the region fled to higher ground or took cover behind furniture.

Ken says this is a somewhat seasonal phenomenon and to expect it to occur more frequently as we near the holidays. I asked him if it was dangerous and his response was more one of dislike. “Nothing to worry about really. It just sucks,” is all he said.

I will try to capture this on film but it appears and disappears so suddenly. It also tends to hit before people come to visit the preserve. Perhaps they are tracking the phenomenon. I don’t have the heart to tell them they just miss it every time by mere hours or even minutes.