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Farmville is Love? Or is it Science?

First, I’d like to thank all my neighbors out there. Thanks.

With Ken’s organizational skills rivaling the Roman empire at its height, my farm has lots of animals, buildings, and even a winery. I made a lot of new friends through the game warden’s face bookings, but I’m still not sure how one’s farm can expand when you have more neighbors. You’d think there would be less room. And the more you give away, like love, the more you get back in return. Or so they say.

I have a more scientific theory why it works that way. I understand my farm is on a server somewhere, so it’s a server farm. Servers farms aren’t made up of physical matter but math. And it’s all zeroes and ones. So instead of being a zero-sum economy, it’s a one-sum economy. Which means when you get something, you take away nothing from someone else. It all makes sense. So maybe the world needs to live on a server farm and make everything out of math instead of stuff.

We have the technology.