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Exploring The Great Indoors

Have it your way. Presenting Nigel the Sponge. Enjoy.

Okay. Certain people are bugging me about Nigel. I didn’t write about him because it is personal not professional. You see, Nigel is my sponge. If Ken can have a stuffed Koala, then said Koala should be able to have a sponge. Is that okay with you?

Now that we have that settled, I will not post a bunch of pictures of him because Nigel is a minor. I will post this one picture the paparazzi took when I wasn’t looking and be done with it.

Nigel backpacking with me.

Yes, I take him everywhere. I love my sponge. He was apparently not part of any of the sponge colonies at the watering hole, so I adopted him. Her. It. Nigel.

But I’m not the only one. Ken and the warden took Fenway to a baseball game the other night, and he brought back a peanut. I thought that was weird and he started in about Nigel, so we just dropped the subject. But the peanut, named “Manny” by him, seems to get along with my sponge.

But I know certain people will not leave me alone, so I decided to substitute the exploitation of minor porifera (and a legume) with creativity. I don’t really know what they say to each other anyway, so I present you with this cartoon. I was going to post it tomorrow but someone will not stop bothering me to write about Nigel. Here it is. The blue thing is the couch, the orange-yellow thing is Nigel and the peanut-shaped thing is a peanut. Yes, they really look that way.

And remember that adopting a sponge is perfectly normal for a stuffed Koala. Prove me wrong.