National Domestigraphic

Exploring The Great Indoors

I Am a Level 12 Wizard. Or Something.

Farmville is very complicated.  I’ve fought off weeds and raccoons. I dig up and reap lots of tiny squares day after day like some macabre French Intensive vegetarian grim reaper.

And Ken wont let me play with the music on.

I don’t know why everyone in this game grows all this food. Are there starving villages in Africa without access to a high speed Internet connection? I can’t help but feel there is some little child across the globe wondering when my raspberry plants will be ready to harvest.

But I shouldn’t be so negative. I get to find homes for lots of lost animals and I give lots of gifts I find. But really … who leaves cans of gasoline laying around a field about to be run over with a tractor?

I just hope the raccoons don’t hit me with a Mohawk grenade.