National Domestigraphic

Exploring The Great Indoors

I’ve been nudged.

In a virtual sort of way. One of my friends/fans reminded me I haven’t updated in a while.

That’s because I’ve been undercover.

I needed to get close to the wildlife without frightening them or even interfering in their natural behaviour in my presence. After some thought I borrowed a luau prop from Ken and used it as camouflage. It was perfect. It was portable and green, a standard color for such things.

Testing the Tree

I tested it out and everything seemed fine. Then I approached a pride of smallcats playing under a chair and stood really, really still.

Standing Really Really Still

They didn’t notice me, but did try to eat the tree. Repeatedly. I tried to tell them all that glitters is not edible but they didn’t pay any attention because I was also busy being really, really still. O, the conflict of science and ethics.