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Exploring The Great Indoors

March of the Peeps

Over the last week I’ve noticed a drastic decline in the number of marshmallow animals. They were introduced into the preserve about a month ago, but don’t seem to take well to this environment. I think exposure to a more arid environment has made them less mobile and susceptible to predators.

They just seem to disappear in spurts. Many fear they will not make it to next week.

Peep Survey

I gathered a number of them to conduct a survey. They all seemed to suffer from varying degrees of stiffness and came in both bunnies and chicks of various colors. But they all share the same plight. I asked them why they were disappearing, but I don’t speak their native tongue which I was told was Peep. Ken translated for me.

They seemed to be divided into two diametrically opposed camps of thought. The ones on the right said there was no problem except for a media conspiracy making it an issue. The ones on the left blame it on climate changed caused by the economic policies of some sort of bush.

I am very confused.