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Robot Mouse Awareness & Appreciation. With lasers.

It seems that life can thrive under almost any conditions. Even being attached to a computer. Today I discovered that the mechanism I use to guide the arrow on the screen is a mouse. A robot mouse. With lasers. I know it sounds dangerous, but they are actually quite friendly. And cooperative. Just do not point the laser directly into your eyes. And keep out of reach of children. And do not swallow, even if you normally eat mice. Ken tried to explain why they have lasers, but when he started talking about cleaning mouse balls I decided not to ask him any more questions on the subject. Trust me. It’s for the best.

I am still pondering the relationship the humans have with the mouse. I think there might even be a power struggle for domestication, where instead of simply enjoying life with the humans there is something called a “slave drive” in the computer. I don’t know if this is really an issue for the mouse or any other mouse. If it is, consider this a public service announcement.

My Robot Mouse Friend

Be kind to your robot mouse.

Your robot mouse is your friend.

And remember that they have lasers. And you probably don’t.