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Exploring The Great Indoors

The Humans are Away, The Koala Will Play.

Now that everyone is gone, I can get really down to work. As per my last entry, Ken and his wife are out of town and I am in charge.

I decided since I do not have a camera, I would learn how to use the next best thing. Behold the scanner of doom. I tried to call technical support for help to use the bloody thing, but they had a difficult time hearing me on the phone, me being a stuffed animal and all. So I did what most stuffed koalas would do. I figured it out for myself.

Myself - My first attempt at scaning

This was fortunate, as I was able to corner a very unusual creature and record its appearance in this manner. I call it an “Unknown Endodermic Organism” or UEO for short. It consists entirely of a thin membrane, and I have seen several of these since my arrival.

They seem to regularly exhibit a bizarre behavior of engulfing varous objects, mostly food, but not ingesting them noticably. The humans sometimes even force feed these creatures, but eventually they expulse the contents within their membrane willingly or by force, and do not seem to mind either way. In fact they seem to enjoy sitting inside baskets waiting for refuse to be tossed into them. Variously coloured in places on an overall tan, white, or translucent white, but hardly camoflauged, the humans fall for it every time.

Unknown Endodermic Organism

I found the one in the scan above on a table in the kitchen, but they tend to live communally in bunched up clumps. There are at least two colonies of them here at the preserve, one in a closet near the entrace and another close by on top of the fridge. The latter appear to be mostly jeuveniles, and are taken for walks by humans with the midget wolf but often do not return. Perhaps the wolf eats them, or they escape, or are released into the wild to form new colonies.

Tomorrow I hope to make notes on the overall flora, which caught my attention in the kitchen as being much more than I ever really noticed all the time I’ve lived here, albeit mostly on the couch.

If you talk to Ken, let him know all is well at the preserve.