National Domestigraphic

Exploring The Great Indoors

THe World is Bigger Than I Thought

There will be a bunch of pictures when I get back, but let’s just say I am having a lot of fun and rest. Often at the same time. And I miss the animals and flora of the preserve, but Koala cannot live on fruits alone.

Ken et alia are out for the day again, and I was invited. I declines, as I was tired out from the trip to a really big place called “Zion” yesterday. Today they are going to another placed called “Zion” and then somewhere farther north called something other than “Zion.” I can’t keep track of it all.

The trip down was nice, except Ken’s daughter keeps threatening to do me harm or carry out a plot to get rid of me altogether. This makes Ken upset a bit and I know fortunately nothing will come of it. I don’t understand why stuffed Koalas are so embarassing to teenagers. We both tend to be awkward dress differeny and get funny looks from people from time to time, so you’d think we have a lot in common.

I didn’t get to spend time with my Koala brother Bunsen yet, but I found out that Ken’s father owns a pith helmet and today he went out in a vest just like mine. Maybe we are all related after all.