National Domestigraphic

Exploring The Great Indoors

Unexpected Inactivity

I was going to write about some exciting botanical findings, but the sudden disappearance of the humans seems to have caused an unexpected dormancy in one of the more unique species in the preserve. In fact, they stopped moving long enough for me to do a capture, scan, and release on one of them.

I have not yet been able to apply a proper taxonimical classification to them, but they seem to be a single mating pair of flat, hard, migratory animals. I call them “Flat-roamers”.

Flat Roamer - flat and usually roaming

From previous experience, I have recreated their spottings and migratory patterns from memory. However, as seen in a recent picture of me by the posted map of the preserve, I was unable to correlate the map itself with landmarks you may recognize.

Useless Preserve Map

For example, “Mordor” seems to refer either the couch or the coat closet. Useless for my purposes, I decided to make my own far superior and accurate map.

In the wee hours ...

Note that they tend to linger on or near the couch, and apparently the humans prefer them there, for if they are not found there, a frantic search often commences with accompanied heated discussion.

Perhaps this is a futile effort to artificially create a static ecological condition in the micro-ecosystem instead of allowing natural drift toward environmental homeostatis. But then what do I know? I’m only a stuffed koala bear.